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The Governors of St Paul's CE First School

At St Paul's we strive to develop confident, self assured, positive young people who love to learn, who want to contribute and need to achieve. The governors of the school work together with the headteacher and dedicated team of staff to deliver this vision for the whole school community.

The core role of the governing body defined in the governor handbook is to:

- ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;

- hold the head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; and

- oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure the money is well spent.


To carry out this role effectively, we have a clear organisation within the governing body linked to the school's self review and development planning process.


Committees and Meeetings

- The Full Governing Body meets once a term to bring together the work of the sub-committees. The meeting is clerked, we receive the headteacher's report on the school for the term and we ensure that the statutory responsibilities of the governing body are fulfilled.

- The Finance and General Purposes Committee meets once a term to monitor the expenditure throughout the year to ensure the school is financially secure and the money is well spent. This committee also agree the annual budget and agree on the school's staffing structure, including the salary policy.

- The Curriculum Committee meets once a term. The governors on this committee discuss and review curriculum policies and any changes to the provision, frequently meeting with staff and pupils to gain an insight into a particular subject area. Governors are also invited into staff training days and they also ensure that the school complies with all relevant legislation relating to equality and diversity, eg disability, gender etc. Members of staff also report to the governors on their subject leadership role. The quality of teaching and learning is also monitored as this has a bearing on how the curriculum is delivered and how much progress is being made.

Link Governors

There are specific link governors for SEND, safeguarding, pupil voice and pupil premium. We also have link governors for each subject where link governors meet with subject leaders to ensure that the governors have a better understanding of the issues and to discuss future plans.

Who are the Governors?

The governing body is made up of a specified number of different types of governors to represent the community. They are parents, staff and representatives from the community that have been coopted onto the governing body.

Governors serve for a specified number of years and we are always looking for new and enthusiastic people who care about the education of our children to join the governing body.


LEA Governor  
Parent Governors End of Term Date
Mr Christopher Evans 12th October 2021
Mrs Audrey Brown  30th April 2021
Co-opted Governors  
Mrs Tina Gibbon - Chair of Curriculum Committee 31st October 2020
Mr Anthony Hyett - Chair of Governors 30th April 2019
Mr Luke Knight 30th April 2019
Staff Governors  
Miss K Roberts - Headteacher 3rd June 2019
Miss Abigail Jones - Chair of Extended Childcare Committee 17th November 2019
Foundation Governors  
Mrs Janet Beason 14th February 2020

Mrs Karen Jones

4th February 2023
Father Simon Iredale - Parish Priest - Ex-officio 12th March 2021
Mrs Sue Searle - Clerk to the Governors  
Mrs Claire Richards - Staff Observer  
Link Governor roles change on a termly basis to link in with the current school action plan.  
















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